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Harry Thompson Taylor

Posted by: Ralph on the 9 May 2012 |

Harry Thompson Taylor went to South Africa as a teacher and that’s about the only information I had. I had discovered records of him teaching at Inch Clutha (NZ) 1889 – 1892, then nothing until a shipping record in 1906 where he departs Southampton to the Cape on board the Norman.

After some success with brother George who also went over to Africa I discovered Harry as a passenger in 1934 aged about 62 travelling to England with an Alice Florence.

This resulted in discovering his wife – Alice Florence Du Terreaux and with a name like that, easily picked up in the 1891 and 1901 UK Census plus family. I assume they either met and married in SA or on board ship. I cannot as yet find any evidence of their marriage. There are estate papers available from SA that will indicate if they had a family – on the wish list for future discovery.

Harry was also a witness for birth of a child John Cecil du Terreaux Quintrell in 1905 who was later the subject of a child protection act in 1923 (age 18), mother mentioned as Lucy Beatrice Eva Quintrell (nee du Terreaux) so a sister went to SA with Alice. The family has been recorded in the Taylor tree.

I have as yet to discover any records in SA on teachers between 1906 to 1934, also there is the missing years between 1892 to 1906, perhaps Harry taught at another school or went to university. If the later occurred then I might find some reference at the University of Otago or other institution.