Dowie Family History



George Thomas Dowie portrait

My Grandfathers roots were from the UK, other than that I had little else to start from. He died when I was 6 yrs old and my Dad never spoke about the past, as I later found out – he had no interest in it so had nothing to pass on.

I have an uncommon surname and it is estimated about 4,000 to 6,000 people share this name globally, the bulk of which are in Scotland. One would think it would be easy to link us all together however reality has proved otherwise.

I have managed to go back a fair distance however the jump from England to Scotland was only discovered early 2010 with the 1841 UK Census having recorded the surname as Dowen and my ancestor as coming from Scotland. Unfortunately I have no evidence of the region in Scotland he originated from but have several possible families that could be his based on the approximate year of his birth.

Somewhere the connection will be made, it’s just a matter of finding it.

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Martha Jane Jenkins portrait

My Grandmother was full of ancestral information that I took no notice of when she was alive albeit recording a small part that in hindsight I should have continued. She also had a significant amount of paperwork that one of her relatives turned into a book, and this was passed onto me.

Thankfully when I commenced documenting this family it was just a case of confirming all the information as I transferred it into the genealogy software. Some stories that were told by my Grandmother about the family I have confirmed by research.
I haven’t spent a great deal of time on this family but it would be great to plug the few gaps that exist and explore the Scottish roots around the late 1600’s – hopefully by going to Scotland and visit the villages where they came from.

There are Jenkins relatives still living in New Zealand so hopefully one of them may be active in tracking their family tree.

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Charles Stuart Taylor portrait

This is my Mum’s side of the family with my Grandfather coming from Balclutha in the deep south of New Zealand. The essence of history was sparked when I took my Mum on a trip to the South Island to visit her hometown and any remaining relatives along the way.

The earliest Taylor was Charles who at the tender age of 12 was placed on a ship from England to Port Chalmers, New Zealand as an orphan. His past was unknown or any information available limited.

Through research and another family member, some facts have become available however a common surname makes digging out the facts more challenging. Sadly I do not know what happened to his parents and family or how a 12 yr old ended up on a ship travelling to the other side of the world.

Records are scarce or if they do exist I am not aware of them. Hopefully over time more information will be found.

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May Lottie Holloway portrait

My Grandmother on my Mum’s side came from a rather large family. The Holloway’s originated from the UK and immigrated out to Victoria, Australia where my Grandmother was born.

This family certainly left a trail of history that was relatively easy to find and a large number of them are buried in various rural Victorian towns – something I need to investigate. At some stage a family migrated to New Zealand leaving the others behind.

The New Zealand branch of this family consisted of six girls and one boy. The relatives left behind in Australia lost contact with their New Zealand cousins. Slowly over time the various offspring have drifted away however this project may hopefully find where the families have ended up.

There are probably many Holloway relatives in Australia so connecting with them will be exciting.

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